Understanding Credit Score for Installment Loans Online

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Installment loans online are common offers to borrowers globally from seemingly countless loan companies. Whether you are taking a secured installment loan or an unsecured installment loan, a constant metric that any serious loan company online platform will check is the credit score. Financial institutions use this metric to determine whether you are creditworthy of the loan or not. In fact, a credit score comes in handy for personal loan lenders, payday loan lenders, or any form of loan you may think of. Hence, understanding credit score before submitting an application for installment loans online is highly recommendable. Read this article to find out all you need to know about credit scores. Enjoy reading! 

What is a credit score?

A figure that shows the creditworthiness of a borrower based on their previous credit history is known as credit score. In other words, it is a metric for measuring how well you have handled credit before. A credit score helps lenders determine whether you will be able to repay their loans on time.

A decent credit score is useful because most online loan companies bank on it while considering installment loans online. Usually, it helps determine the interest rate, the amount to be released as a loan, and whether to approve the loan or not. If a loan company doesn’t provide installment loans online for bad credit offers or installment loans no credit check offers, and you don’t have a decent credit score, your application may not be considered.

However, it’s worth noting that most loan company online platforms check multiple parameters when deciding on loan approval. Thus, if you have a poor credit score, you might still stand a chance of getting a loan with a good income, reputable employer, or co-signer. In short, several parameters play a crucial role in getting loans.

What is the required credit score for installment loans online?

In reality, the lending institution determines the minimum credit score required to get installment loans. Before submitting a loan application, you can learn about the required credit score from some loan companies, while others only inform you after the application. Some loan companies give a range of credit scores that you can have to get installment loans from them. For instance, Avant releases loans to individuals with credit scores between 600 and 700. Hence, it varies. If your targeted loan company doesn’t disclose the required credit score on their website, feel free to contact the customer representative to find out or check the company’s credit score information with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Factors that can impact your credit score

Credit scores can increase or decrease, depending on different situations. These situations are the factors that impact the credit score, as explained below:

Payment history

Here is the most determining factor for credit score. Credit score rating organizations such as FICO and VantageScore consider the payment history of individuals. The objective is to see whether the borrower has a track record of paying bills and refunding loans on time. If you pay your bills regularly and timely, it will help increase your credit score.

Used credit

 The amounts of credit used to play a crucial role in rating your credit score. By using the maximum amount on your credit card, it can lower your scores. In this regard, you can start paying your credit card in advance to avoid owing more than 30% of your credit limit. This will help raise your credit score.

Credit account combination and length

Here is another important factor for determining a credit score. When you have established credit history and use multiple credit types such as installment loans, credit cards, auto title loans, etc., it can influence your credit score positively. However, if you open multiple accounts in different financial institutions, your credit score could be affected significantly.

Key loan features to consider before taking installment loans

Getting the best installment loans online offer for yourself requires due diligence. Below are the key elements to consider to come up with the best offer.

  1. Interest rates
    Endeavor to consider the annual percentage rate and interest rate of installment loans before signing necessary documents. The annual percentage rate includes all fees associated with the loan and the interest. This will know whether you can afford the loan in the short and long term.
  2. Loan term
    Check the offers and compare the loan duration. It’s recommendable to choose an installment loan offer that gives more than enough time to repay the loan. Also, ensure that you can comfortably make the monthly payment.
  3. Overall loan amount
    If the total loan amount and total interest are significantly high, it might not worth taking the loan in the long run. Hence, ensure that you find the overall cost of the loan from the onset.
  4. Extra fees
    Some penalties and additional fees can increase the cost of the loan eventually. This includes late payment, prepayment penalty, and processing payment. Ensure that you factor the fees into your consideration from the beginning.
  5. Co-signer
    Using a co-signer with an excellent credit score can increase your chances of getting the loan. Thus, check whether the installment loans online lender allows adding a co-signer while applying. It can even help get a better interest rate with some loan companies.


Hopefully, you have understood the importance of credit scores in getting installment loans online. Advisably, you should try to keep a decent credit score and history as much as possible, regardless of the loan you seek. Having a good credit score gives you leverage while negotiating with your loan company. 

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