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Do you need an insta-fix service to repair your budget? Only 3 easy steps away from granting even a 2500$ personal online loan. Bad credit history is not a problem. You are welcome!

Our loan company came to the existence with a simple reason – to help people who are facing financial problems, in theory and practice. Not only do we make it possible to obtain a loan, but we also educate how to deal with situation when financial problems make your lives unbearable, and how to avoid them in your journey to financial independence. We are not lending directly, but we are creating the base of lenders to whom you have an access. Thanks to wide variety of offers, the probability of getting a loan rises monumentally. 

After long observations we made about the creditworthiness of U.S. citizens, we noticed that more than half of Americans have a poor credit history, which means that this group of people is in a situation where most banks will not be willing to lend to such clients. It is with this group of increased risk of financial collapse in mind that ViLend was established. Our company does not dig into your financial history, but we listen to our clients’ expectations as well as current financial liquidity to get rid of the burden of credit instability.

This specific group of people may face inequal treatment from a lender – too high fees, risky policies, hidden traps, astronomical interest.

We are doing our best to get rid of such an inequal treatment!

We believe that people should not be denied access to a loan when they need it most. No one has a bad credit history because they want it, and our primary job is to understand the situation and fix it. That is why we bring to the table:

  • No hard credit check.
  • Access to loans.
  • Transparent offers – no hidden traps.
  • Financial education.
  • Remarkably simple requesting process.
  • A gateway to become better financially organized.

ViLend is using technology, knowledge, and creativeness to create a special way of treating our beloved customers. For instance, if you are our regular customer who pays off accordingly to the assumed repayment plan, then each subsequent loan will be on better terms.

If you have deposed your trust to us – this is already the best reward, and that is why we always want to reward our customers with exceptional treatment.

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