Top 5 Tips to Repay Installment Loans Online

Top 5 Tips To Repay Installment Loans Online

Installment loans online offer is not a new thing in the finance industry. Before introducing online loans, many financial institutions have always given installment loans such as a mortgage, auto loan, or personal loans to worthy individuals. 

In recent years, installment loans have become more popular through the internet. Currently, you’ll find many online loan companies providing offers such as “installment loans online for bad credit” or “installment loans no credit check.” This means that the loan companies are ready to give you a fixed amount of money without checking your credit history or despite having a poor credit history. 

However, regardless of the loan term’s flexibility, it is a must to repay the loan over a scheduled payment period. Installment debt entails repaying a specified part of the principal amount and the associated interest. If you are planning to take installment loans no credit check offer, or having a hard time repaying the loan, below are proven tricks on how to repay the loan quickly. 

Consider Bi-weekly payment

If you want to repay installment loans online quickly, you are encouraged to provide half of your payment to the lender every two weeks – and not monthly. The benefit of bi-weekly payment includes accumulating less interest since you’ll be shaving off some months if your loan term spans over a year or more. However, it’s pertinent to discuss bi-weekly repayment with your installment loan provider before using this method. The reason is that some loan companies charge borrowers for paying off their loans before the due date. Hence, ensure that you’ll not be faced with a prepayment penalty when you repay your installment loans every two weeks.

Consider extra payment

Here is another approach to repay your installment loans online for bad credit debt quickly. This method entails making an extra one payment every year. An extra payment is not as effective as a bi-weekly payment. Nevertheless, it will surely reduce the initial period of loan repayment significantly. By so doing, you’ll be saved from some interest since you’ll be repaying the loan earlier than planned. If you are wondering where to get money to make an extra payment, you can use the bonus from work. Also, a tax refund also comes in handy in making an extra payment. Another effective method is to divide your monthly payment into twelve. Then, add it to your future bills. For instance, if you are to pay $100 monthly, you can divide by 12. This gives $8.33. You can add it to your monthly budget. Hence, you will be repaying $108.33 monthly. This saves you from a one-year payment in the long run.

Approximate your payment to a whole figure

This method also saves you from a few months of repayment. All you need do is to round up your repayment amount to a whole figure and divide it by 12. In this way, you’ll be paying more every month. However, you won’t use the whole loan term before completing the repayment. For instance, if you are to pay $264.12, approximate it to $300. By so doing, you’ll be repaying $35.88 per month. Within 12 months, you would have repaid $430.56, the excess of which you can have as your savings. If you have multiple income streams, you can bump up installment loans online repayment by an extra $50 monthly. This will help save several months, and in turn, a considerable amount of money on the interest.

Source for extra money

If you have a single source of income before taking an installment loan online, consider adding more means of revenue. For instance, you can undertake affiliate marketing to make cool cash online or sell clothes on eBay. Suppose you are a writer with free time, consider writing books and selling them on Amazon. These are easy means to make quick money to repay loans faster than planned. Alternatively, you can take up a part-time job at the nearest pub or workspace to earn for the sole purpose of repaying your outstanding loan. 

Installment loan refinancing

Here is a popular means of repaying the loan in the finance industry. Loan refinancing involves taking a huge sum of money as a loan with a lesser interest rate and more flexible term to repay your small installment loans in advance. For instance, you can engage local banks or credit unions that offer super-low interest rates on car loans. By so doing, you’ll have enough time to clear off the newly collected loan after refunding the existing small credits.


From Bi-weekly repayment, extra payment, rounding up loan payment, an additional source of income to loan refinancing, any of the options discussed in this article will help repay your loan quickly. However, you are strongly advised to give each option a thoughtful consideration before choosing. A friend might find it easier to repay installment loans online debt by making bi-weekly payments than you. In your case, it could be that you need to harness your talent to source extra money to repay your loans quickly. For this reason, endeavor to take a moment to think about the best option for yourself.

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