Improving Credit Score Quickly: Check out 9 Practical Methods That Work

Increase bad credit score

A credit score is a crucial element for building your finances over time. More importantly, it can make or mar a business plan. For instance, if you have a business idea to execute and need funding, most reputable online loan providers will check your credit report and credit score before the assistance. The essence is to know whether you have been managing your credit excellently or poorly. If you have done well over time, your loan request has a better chance of getting approval – and vice versa.

Understandably, several people have negative credit reports due to missed payments or other reasons. If you fall into this category and want to improve your credit within a short time, there are solutions. With some finance ideas and strategies, it’s possible to increase your credit score to almost 100. Below are nine methods to implement!

9 Practical Methods That Work

1. Exercise frequent payments

By making micropayments regularly and duly across a month, it can help balance your credit score. Importantly, you’ll have the perfect chance to increase your credit rating from there. Multiple payments within a month influence your credit utilization positively. By keeping your utilization low and paying before the due date, the score will start gaining momentum within a short time.

2. Consider becoming an authorized user

Here is another practical method that will help develop your credit score quickly. If your spouse or friend holds a good credit score record and high credit limit, you can ask them to add you to their card as an authorized user. Understandably, some may be concerned, especially if there is no solid trust between two individuals. However, the interesting thing is that their account number is not relevant or the use of their card to benefit – they only have to add you as an authorized user. If you have a small credit experience recently, this tip can boost your credit score significantly. Also, it’s recommendable for prolonging your credit history and reducing your credit utilization.

3. A secured credit card

If your credit score is at the barest minimum, using a secured credit card will improve the credit status. This is because a secured credit card supports cash deposit, which allows you to pay in advance. In most cases, the deposit serves as the credit limit. By using it as a regular credit card and making payments duly, your credit will improve. Advisably, consider a secured card that supports credit activity report to the three credit bureaus.

4. Use higher credit limits

Here is another little-known tip about building credit quickly. You can reduce overall credit utilization by increasing your credit limit and ensuring that your balance remains static. All you need is to reach out to your card provider. If you can secure a higher limit without a difficult credit inquiry, then you should consider higher credit limits. Take note that if the provider is asking for some difficult credit inquiry, it may drop your credit score temporarily. So, ensure that you work with those who are open to stepping up your credit limits willingly.

5. Review and report any credit report error

If care is not taken, a single mistake can lower your score significantly. And without knowing, you’ll have to bear the consequences. For this reason, always request for your credit report at least yearly. The three major credit bureaus are mandated to provide the report without charges annually. Simply visit to check the reports and communicate any mistakes with the representatives. Notable among the common errors are a late acknowledgment of payment, old negative information, etc. By disputing the errors, the relevant credit bureaus must correct the error within 30 days.

6. On-time bill payment

Any form of payment will not do your credit score a good. This is because payment history is utmost importance when it comes to ranking a credit score. In case you are not aware, a single late payment may remain obvious on your report for more than five years. If you are going to miss the deadline, endeavor to inform your creditor instantly, and make arrangements to pay as soon as possible. Be open-minded and ask if the creditor may overlook reporting the late payment to the relevant credit bureau. For the loan providers who insist on reporting any late payment, you should consider making on-time payment your priority. Otherwise, every late payment will worsen your credit score. Contrarily, if you can frequently make bill payment duly, the impact of any late payment will fade away with time. So, simply keep up a positive credit attitude; it will offset any previous damage made to your credit score.

7. Maintain an opened credit card

Many individuals wrongly believe that closing their credit cards will save them from poor credit score. On the contrarily, keeping your credit cards open will improve your credit profile. The reason is by terminating your credit card, the credit limit of the card will be lost when your total credit utilization is being calculated. This will ultimately reduce your score. So, remember to maintain credit cards and use them whenever necessary to prevent the provider from automatic closure.

8. Make a beneficial combo

While some people possess only credit cards, others use payday loans online only. If you belong to any of the two categories, consider getting a form of credit that you are yet to have. A combination of revolving credit and installment accounts will help boost your creditworthiness. And ultimately, it will reflect on your credit score. Try to implement this tip if you have the means. It works.

9. Request for the removal of old negative entries

In some cases, the credit report may still be showing a series of late payments that you have paid off in the past. In this case, you can ask them to remove it. Understandably, such removal will require some effort and patience from you. But it will have a powerful imprint in giving a strong boost to your credit score. Consider getting in touch with collection agencies and debt buyers for such requests as they are more likely to help in this regard compared to original personal loan providers. Advisably, you should request an updated account showing that the payment has been made. Also, they should remove the account to have a greater impact on your credit score.


Nobody wants to keep a poor credit score, considering how it can hurt your funding effort in the future(in some cases you can take an online payday loan with bad credit score). But as stated earlier, many factors may be responsible. Nevertheless, do not be despised. Instead, you should implement some of the strategies stated herein – if not all. By so doing, you’ll have your credit moving close to the top once more. Advisably, keep up a positive credit behavior to ensure that your credit score remains excellent.

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